Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I register a Company?

Start by completing the order form on the website with the package you want. We will be in contact after you have placed an order to request information and documents.


Q. What do I need to register a new Company?

  1. There are 3 requirements:
  2. ID / Passport;
  3. Personal/business South African Address;
  4. Ages 18 and older.


Q. What is a Memorandum of Incorporation(MOI) ?

These are the variable rules by which a private company, governs its affairs. Such rules cover issues like, sale of shares, running of meetings, directors duties, etc. Standard MOI are appended to the Companies Act. They may be amended but they must not conflict with the requirements of the Act.


Q. How many people are needed to start a Company?

The minimum amount of directors are 1 (one) and the maximum amount of directors are 50 (fifty)


Q. When can I open my company bank account?

You can only open a bank account in South Africa for a company once you have received the final company documents (COR) with your name registered on it.


Q. How do I change the directors of my private company?

Complete the order form on the website and we shall assist with this change.

Q. Which areas in South Africa does ABC Company Services cover?

We can register a private company for you if you are located anywhere in South Africa or anywhere in the world where you have internet access.


Q. How can I validate information of my company / other Companies?

All Companies are registered with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) and can be validated through a company disclosure certificatecontaining all the location / Director’s details of the company. We provide this service and can assist in this regard.


Q. How does the Special Power of Attorney (“POA”) for private companies work?

The Special Power of Attorney is not a blanket Power of Attorney; that is why it is termed “Special” – it specifically authorises us to ONLY prepare and register aPTY for you. You will get the final registered document to prove we did the right thing with your information. Witha new private company, the POA is compulsory – without it the comapny cannot be registered.


Q. When does my private company have to register for VAT?

Your Company must only be registered for VAT in South Africa if its turnover in any 12-month period will exceed R1 000 000. A company may however volountarily register for VAT if it can prove to SARS that its turnover shall exceed R 50 000 in any 12 month period. Since this cannot be established before a Company is sold, we do not supply Companies that are VAT- registered.


Q. Will there be other fees payable after my Company has been registered?

The fees are all inclusive for the first 12 months after registration date. The Companies Act requires that each company must file an Annual Return (AR) to the CIPC every 12 months to keep the company in business and avoid being de-registered. We provide this service as well and can assist in this regard.


Q. What services do you offer, other than PTY Registrations?

We also offer a comprehensive list of other company services. Please Click Here to view the services offered.